MFD Performs Ice Rescue

At 2:45 PM on Monday March 21st, Miesville and Red Wing Fire Departments were dispatched to Sharp Muskrat Lake in Welch Township for a report of an individual who fell through the ice. Prairie Island Police Department officers arrived on scene and found an individual and an ATV in the water. The ATV was used in an attempt to rescue the individual. Miesville and Red Wing Fire units arrived shortly after and began an ice rescue operation. Due to the remote location of the incident, access was only possible by foot or ATV. Red Wing Fire Department provided 3 ice rescue personnel, an ambulance, engine, boat, and additional firefighter/paramedics. Goodhue County Sheriff also provided an air boat to assist with the rescue. Miesville Fire resources on scene included 9 firefighter/first responders, a rescue truck, brush truck, UTV, and rescue equipment. The individual was successfully rescued from the water and returned home later in the day. The Red Wing Fire Department, Prairie Island Police Department, Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office, Goodhue County Dispatch, and Dakota Communications Center also assisted with the rescue.

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(Scene Photo. Source: MFD on FB)

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