316 Project Update

MnDOT will finalize the Highway 316 Improvement Project this spring and summer, which includes addressing some concerns raised since reopening the road. Major road renovation was completed last fall with some items held over for this spring, including final pavement markings. The time since reopening provided an opportunity for observations and discussion with City staff and others about the highway’s new operations. Hastings is the first city in the Metro area to install compact roundabouts and a narrow, divided two-lane road on the highway system. As the project team learns more about how drivers use the new road, specific changes are being made to improve truck accessibility and improve the visibility of center islands and approach medians. The corridor is expected to continue to meet the original goals of improving safety and slowing vehicle speeds with increased access and mobility for bicyclists and pedestrians. The latest information on the project is available on the Mn DOT project page.

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