RPD Cmdr. Walters Retiring

Commander John Winters of the Rosemount Police Department has announced that he is retiring. According to the Rosemount PD, Cmdr. Winters has been a part of the Rosemount community since 1974 and attended Rosemount Elementary, Middle, and High School where he graduated in 1987. Winters joined the Department in 1993 and served with passion and humility in a variety of positions during his 29-year career, including Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, School Resource Officer, Investigator, SWAT Team Leader, Use of Force and Firearms Instructor, Sergeant, and Commander. He is known for his humble character, passion for the profession, and helping create a family-oriented culture. Over the last three years, while serving as the Commander, John’s leadership helped bring the agency through one of the most difficult periods of time in the law enforcement profession. Notably, while John could have retired some years ago, he chose to help his partners ensure Rosemount received top public safety service.

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