Bird Scooters Found In River

The recently approved Bird Scooter program in Hastings is now seeing numerous instances of the scooters being thrown into the Vermillion River at Vermillion Falls, and the scooters are reported to have been left there for numbers of days at a time. Local residents have been reported to be retrieving the scooters from the bottom of the falls, but it is unclear if the scooters are operable after spending time in the water. KDWA News has reached out to Bird Scooters for information on how they track and enforce acceptable usage rules for the scooters, and will update this story as we receive this information. If you see one of these scooters in an area not meant for them, such as in the river, please inform the Hastings Police Department.

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(Scooter in the Water. Photo Credit: Brian Slattum)

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