ISD 200 SRO Agreement Up For Renewal

A resolution to approve the renewal of the 2022-2024 School Resource Officer and Traffic Control Agent Contract between the City of Hastings and ISD 200 is up for deliberation by the Hastings City Council. According to information provided to the Council, the Hastings Police Department and ISD 200 have long had a joint School Resource Officer (SRO) program. The program provides for an on-site Hastings police officer who specializes in issues of significance to youth and collaborates with school staff to promote the safety of students, staff, and the community. The amended agreement codifies the terms of the jointly funded program. In addition, HPD and ISD 200 developed a Traffic Control Agent program. This mutual effort provides limited traffic control at intersections near school facilities where school bus, other vehicular traffic, and pedestrian traffic can become congested during morning and afternoon hours. The program provides temporary, part-time Traffic Control Agents under the police department’s statutory authority to control traffic in affected areas. Under this agreement, the City, through its police department, would hire, train, and supervise Traffic Control Agents. All costs associated with the TCA program would be borne by the School District in accordance with this agreement.

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