Proposal Made For Levee Park Art

As part of the 2022 Budget, the Hastings City Council initiated the Community Investment Fund and allocated $100,000 in funding for 2022. The Community Investment Fund is focused on partnerships and civic engagement with a goal of creating and supporting vibrant, community-supported, public projects and efforts. One of the approved CIF projects is funding a charette process as proposed by Building Remembrance for Reconciliation (BR4R) in the amount of $10,000. As BR4R has worked through their planning process to host the charette, they have met with Parks and Recreation Director Chris Jenkins on multiple occasions. One of the requirements of CIF-funded projects is that it must be on city-owned property, and BR4R sought guidance on what sites on city property were available and ideal for a permanent art installation. BR4R’s goal is to develop an art piece to be permanently displayed, and they are using the charette process to accomplish this goal. Jenkins’ first suggestion for a permanent art installation is a dedicated space, designed and intended for art installations at Levee Park. This space has played host to numerous temporary art pieces since construction was completed, and there is currently one piece installed. Representatives of BR4R agree this is the most desired location for a permanent art installation. The Council will deliberate the issue on Monday evening.

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