Hwy 55/Doyle Path Project Nears Completion

If you are hankering for some good news, the month-long project on Hwy 55 that consisted of constructing a dedicated left turn lane eastbound Hwy 55 at Doyle Path, dedicated right turn lane, and extending the acceleration lane for westbound Hwy 55 is nearly complete. According to Mn DOT, crews were scheduled to reopen Hwy 55 near Doyle Path in both directions by 6 PM, on Oct. 15 (weather permitting). A reminder the temporary signals that were installed will also be removed after the road has been completely reopened. The removal may take a couple of days, so be prepared for changes in traffic control until the crews are able to complete the work by Sat, Oct. 22. Follow the progress of the project on the Mn DOT Project webpage.

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