Power Of 100 Donates To CNC

Local Hastings businesswoman’s? group, the Power of 100, met for their Spring gathering in late April, and the organization presented its Impact Award to Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center. According to Melissa Freiermuth, Founder of Power of 100, once the winner is announced, each member writes a check for $100 to the winning charity. There are now more than 175 members of Power of 100, so normally that’d mean that $17,500 would be donated. Some give more, though, and there’s also a $3,000 match from Carlson Capital Management. All of those donations meant $28,000 was raised at the event, of which $16,550 went directly to the charity. Also in the top three for consideration were Gobble Gait and the Memorial Day March For Them.

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(Photo Credit: Ron Ruckdashel)

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