Bison Herd Increases

Dakota County Parks announces some recent additions to the Spring Lake Park Reserve Bison Prairie. Last week two of the bison cows birthed babies, bringing the herd to 10 bison. The calves will stand out on the prairie, displaying a reddish-brown coat. Visitors are reminded that more bison may give birth this spring. Bison cows can be sensitive to interruption by humans or pets, so stay far away from a calving bison to promote a healthy birth. Bison get more protective during calving months, especially when they have a calf. Calves may sleep at a distance from their mother; they have not been left behind or abandoned. When not nursing or sleeping, bison calves are curious and can be very energetic in their play. Park staff encourage the public to feel free to check in on the babies’ progress all summer.

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(Photo Source: Dakota County Parks)

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