Prescott 10-Year-Old Pianist Awarded

The Wisconsin School Music Association announced their 2023 Exemplary Performance Recognition Award recipients following state solo/ensemble performances over the last two weekends. Recipients included 10-year-old Prescott home-schooled student Ella Palodichuk, who was one of 20 piano players in the state to receive the honor, the rest of which were high school students. According to Ella’s mother, Sarah, at the state solo/ensemble festival, Ella played the first movement of the Haydn Sonata in C Major, No. 25 and received a first rating. Ella, and her younger brother will be playing in Oliver’s Grove Park at 3:00 PM, on June 21st as part of Make Music Day, in which they also played last year. Ella is also scheduled to play a movement of the Bach Concerto in A Major in Sundin Hall at Hamline University on May 20th with a small string orchestra. This event is hosted by her piano teacher and will include seven students from 10 to 18 playing concertos.

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