Mayor(s) Of The Day Join Us

Tuesday was so much fun at City Hall and beyond for our two “Mayors For a Day”, as both Harrison Haltvick and Summer Tusberg joined Hastings Mayor Mary Fasbender at City Hall, around town, and back to the Council Chamber for a little pizza party, followed by taking in the hour-long City Council meeting. Haltvick, a 4th grader at Pinecrest Elementary, and Tusberg, a 5th grader at Hastings Middle School, had their essays (on what they would do as Mayor) chosen by Mayor Fasbender, and they were so good, she couldn’t pick just one. It’s the first time that Hastings has given this a shot, and it was a wonderful success. KDWA’s Nick Tuckner had some fun with all THREE Mayors, at City Hall on Tuesday, and you can hear it here!

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