Hastings Announces Personnel Changes

The City of Hastings has announced the retirement of IT Manager Alan Nordquist. As the IT Manager since 2013, Nordquist has been known as a dependable, knowledgeable member of the City team. He has worked with each department in the City to implement various projects, large and small. Alan has overseen the installation of robust, reliable servers and data storage; increased network security and recoverability with a new firewall, backup system, network analysis server, and instituted user security awareness training. In other staffing news, the City reports that the City Council has appointed new resident Commisisoners to the Charter Commission. The new Commission members are Joe Balsanek, Connie Blasing, Paul Hicks, Dolores Pemble, Josh Salzman, Ron Toppin, and Marty Weber. The Charter Commission is responsible for reviewing and revising the City Charter to ensure applicability with State and Federal laws and that it meets the needs of the citizens of Hastings.

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