Sound The Siren Results

The results of the “Sound the Siren” food drive with HPD and DCSO are in, and the winner is hungry families. According to information posted in the Hastings City Newsletter, 200 bags were packed July 8th following the Food 4 Kids food donation drive. Dakota County Sheriff Leslie lost a friendly challenge to Hastings Police Chief Schafer and received a banana cream pie in the face. It’s safe to say the Hastings community creamed the County on this one. Thanks to all who donated to this worthy cause. The food was gathered and will be distributed by the United Way of Hastings. A special thanks to the event organizers Amy Schaffer of the United Way, Whitney Rinowski of the Hastings PD and Hannah Martin of the Dakota County Sheriff?s Office.   

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(Sheriff Leslie Gets a Pie! Photo Source: City of Hastings.)

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