Prescott City Council Meeting Preview

The Prescott City Council meets for regular business on Monday evening. After the call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, roll call, and determination of quorum, the Council will consider approval of the minutes of previous meetings, and hear comments from the public. After any Council items to be considered, the Council will vote on the Consent Agenda, containing routine items for action by a single vote. Under the heading of Reports from Standing Committees, there will be a 2nd reading of an ordinance amendment for a rezoning of a parcel of highway commercial property to C-2, a request to set a meeting of the Public Works Committee for November 8th, a presentation of Mississippi River Parkway Commission Funding, a Riverfront Project design approval request, including a courtesy dock item outside the original scope, a request to approve flagging in Magee Park, and a discussion for setting a meeting date for a Coulee River Trails workshop. Health and safety will present an update on the downtown area. Under new business, the Council will consider a letter of violation for an unsafe building in the 1200 block of Canton Street, and a Letter of Intent for a sporting facility on 620th Avenue. When all of the agenda items have been considered, the meeting will adjourn.   

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