Council to Consider Repairs To Basketball Courts

The 2022 Hastings budget approved projects at 5 local basketball courts, at Cannon Park, Cari Park, Pioneer Park, Tuttle Park, and Wilson Park. The courts at Wilson and Tuttle Parks can be pressure washed, scrubbed, filled and leveled and then color coated and striped. The courts at Cannon, Cari, and Pioneer Parks need to be fully replaced with new asphalt and then color coated and striped. City staff solicited quotes for the asphalt work from Bituminous Roadways and Pine Bend Paving. Bituminous Roadways is the low quote at $44,500 to replace the courts at Cannon, Cari, and Pioneer Park. Staff solicited a quote from Court Surfaces & Repair, Inc. for the cleaning, color coating and striping for all courts, with a total of $25,450. The 2022 budget allocated a total of $59,000 for this project. After soliciting quotes for the three replacements, the final cost for this project will be $69,950 and staff are requesting a $10,950 budget adjustment to accomplish this project in 2022. The request for the budget adjustment was placed on the Consent Agenda for the May 2nd meeting of the City Council.

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