ISD 200 Board Seat Remains Empty

ISD 200 reports that the filing period for temporarily filling the vacant seat on the School Board has officially closed, and no candidates filed for the position. Accordingly, the School Board will continue to meet with the seat empty until after the November 8th special election to elect a replacement for Mike Reis, who resigned from the Board. Minnesota State Statutes had called for the board to seek a fill-in member until the Nov. 8 election. Reis resigned in July, just over six months into his term, after being censured by a 4 to 2 vote of the board in early May, which restricted ways he could communicate with school administration and employees. Reis had asked that the censure be reconsidered but was told by Board Chair Brian Davis that the rules of his censure were being continued, to be reviewed monthly. The candidates in the Special Election are Todd Kullman, Pamela Onnen, and Mark Zuzek.

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