Trucker Buddy John Visits St. John’s School

The students of St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Vermillion were recently able to once again have a visit from a favorite pen pal, Trucker Buddy John Haley. Haley has been writing to 2nd grade teacher Maria Therres’ class for longer than either of them can remember, through the Trucker Buddy program that matches truck drivers with classrooms as pen pals. Haley, who hauls for Oakley Transport, writes often to the class, mainly via post cards, telling where he is, what he’s hauling, and interesting information about the product or location. The class routinely receives post cards from sea to shining sea. He also sends coloring contests, books, and holiday treats among other packages. The class writes to Haley via individual letters and group emails. Haley was able to stop by to visit the class on September 13, the first visit he’s been able to make since before COVID hit. Both Haley and Therres see the benefits of the Trucker Buddy program and past students fondly remember Trucker Buddy John.

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(John Haley with Students. Photo Source: St. John the Baptist School)

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