Siebenaler Recognized

The City of Farmington reports that City Communications Specialist, and Hastings native, Lauren Siebenaler has been recognized with a communications and marketing award from the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce at a recent Leaders in Local Government Awards event. According to a press release from the City of Farmington, local history information has been a big topic throughout city communications and also on the city’s podcast, “Farmington Feed”. In the Sept. 29 episode, Siebenaler interviewed the conservator who restored the city’s original charter and first ledger, two very important documents from the city’s founding year of 1872. In receiving the award, Siebenaler commented that Farmington is an amazing community full of history, adding that she’s gained more of an appreciation of this town through all her research this year.

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(From left to right: Councilmember Steve Wilson, Assistant City Administrator Julie Flaten, City Administrator Lynn Gorski, Communications Specialist Lauren Siebenaler, Councilmember Katie Bernhjelm and Mayor Joshua Hoyt. Submitted Photo)

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