Onnen Comments On Book

With the elections today come the final comments for the candidates of ISD 200 running to fill the seat vacated with the resignation of Director Mike Reis. The issue at the forefront of the campaign is the book “Gender Queer”, which has generated a debate on whether or not it should be available to students through the School system. Candidate Pam Onnen weighed in on the issue by saying she thinks this singular item coming to the forefront of the school board election discussion is itself a distraction. The topic about this singular book is important, but it’s keeping us from talking about the bigger issues in our district. Onnen says she would like to see the availability of this book be restricted to age appropriate students, much like a movie theater has age restrictions for adult content movies. She clarified her position by saying she does not want children being taught what they should think in matters of politics, religion, or sex, adding that classrooms should remain politically neutral to allow students to learn facts. Onnen concluded by saying that students should be able to learn how to continue to find information as they develop their own opinions.

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(Pam Onnen)

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