Hastings Employees Recognized

Monday evening’s Hastings City Council meeting began with recognition of City employees celebrating milestone anniversaries with the City of Hastings. City Administrator Dan Wietecha introduced the agenda item.

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The Council also congratulated Council Commission members that were finishing their terms at the end of the year. A complete list of employees and Commissioners is provided below.

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Recognition of Milestone Employees:
5 Years: Jonathon Buck, Richard Brown, Patrick Diedrich, Adam Harklerode, Renier Steenkamp, Alana Siebenaler, David Wilske, Scott Wittl
6 Years, Michael Beard, Brian Jensen
10 Years, Randy Gray, Ryan Kline, Patrick Lippert, Jamie Stevens, Robert Wargo
15 Years, Kathy Belisle, Justin Fortney, Adam Schumacher, Al Storlie, Joey Trautman, John Townsend
16 Years, Chris Stone
20 Years, John Hinzman
30 Years, Bill McNamara, Gary Ruedy
35 Years, Mark Peine.

Recognition of Outgoing Commissioners: Todd Matzke, Planning Commission, Scott Sinclair, HEDRA Commission, Kathy Sovik-Siemens, Heritage Preservation Commission, Bryon Ascheman, Public Safety Advisory Commission, Jesse Starkson, Public Safety Advisory Commission, Ben Spader, Parks & Recreation Commission, and Chelsea Piskor, Parks & Recreation Commission.

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