Todd Field Wall Deemed An Issue For Proposed 61 Renovations

At a meeting held on December 20th, the Hastings Heritage Preservation Commission heard a Highway 61 Roadway Study Update and held discussion about the section of 61 adjacent to Todd Field. According to the meeting minutes, Bryant Ficek, South Area Engineer with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, explained some of the physical concerns they have with the wall. Timothy Thoreen with the project consulting firm H.R. Green, made a presentation including deficiencies with the roadway system in the area of Todd Field. Hastings Police Chief Dave Wilske explained the safety concerns of the area. He provided evidence of vulnerabilities surrounding Todd Field. The study team explained the retaining wall construction may not be adequate to support the improvements needed at the top of the wall. They added that there are still other issues including extensive maintenance, unknown drainage design, backfill voids, and needing the additional space for transportation. The study team thanked the Commission for letting them provide an update and discussing the Todd Field wall issues. They said they will provide future updates as necessary.

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