Strike Looms Closer

Food service workers in Hastings Independent School District 200 who are members of SEIU Local 284 have filed a 10-day notice to strike. This filing comes after the group voted to authorize a strike in December with overwhelming support from the membership. According to the union, Local 284 workers have been bargaining since June 9th and have been clear that any settlement needs to include a fair wage increase to combat the impact of historic inflation and maintain stability through regular hours and health insurance benefits. Sara Rapp, a cook at the High School and SEIU Local 284 bargaining team member, commented, “We’re united and we’re ready to strike if the District won’t pay us what we’re worth and stop ‘nickel-and-diming’ us about our working hours and snow days.” If no agreement is reached, the food services staff would begin their strike on February 7. The group represents 35 workers who ensure Hastings students are fed and supported so they can be ready to learn when they enter their classrooms.

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